How do you stand out as a doula, childbirth educator, or prenatal yoga instructor?

Get more clients and flexibility in your birth business by offering cutting-edge tools in your doula packages or classes so you create a unique offer in a crowded market

Transformational prenatal breathwork will help you stand out from the crowd

Whether you're a new birth professional or you've been helping families for years, in today's market, it can be hard to attract new clients if you don't have a unique offer to differentiate yourself from the crowd of rapidly growing birth professionals.

Transformational prenatal breathwork is a powerful blend of ancient techniques and new, modern approaches that helps expecting mothers
repattern fearful subconscious beliefs about birth while offering an experience to help them feel at ease surrendering to altered states of consciousness for a more calming birth experience.

This 3-hour workshop will help you learn how to guide your first breathwork session so by the end you will be able to:

  • Offer one-on-one or group sessions so you have

  • flexibility

  • in how you work with your clients

  • Hold sessions within your childbirth education classes so you can stand out with a unique offering and

  • increase the value

  • of your courses

  • Combine this technique with any birth hypnosis and affirmations you already practice to

  • help your clients go deeper

  • into their subconscious for more rapid & effective repatterning of birth fears or trauma

  • Offer in-person or virtual sessions so you have the flexibility to help expecting moms

  • anywhere, anytime

  • Even if you aren't a birth professional yet, you can offer prenatal breathwork sessions as an

  • exciting stand-alone offer to launch your birth work career

What makes this breathwork technique transformational?

When you search for breathwork for pregnancy and birth, you find Pranayama and basic techniques like box breathing and J breathing, and while these are useful tools for stress and pain coping, they don't offer the healing and transformation that deep breathwork
practices can offer during pregnancy and birth.

Birth is a state of altered consciousness where boundaries are stretched and thresholds are surpassed.

Similar to birth, breath can take us to altered states of consciousness, where the subconscious mind is accessible when we know how to direct our rhythm and rate of breathing to regulate brainwave patterns for deep alpha or theta states that harmonize heart and mind and open our intuition.

Not only does this provide a mother with a level of familiarity to feel more at ease in the flow of altered states of consciousness to access her intuition in her birth, it also provides the opportunity to address
unconscious beliefs before her birth arrives as they
gently surface during these sessions rather than surprising her in labor.

As your clients share these experiences, the birth community will notice you are doing something different, something magical that can improve the experience of birth and even birth outcomes.

And improving the experience and outcome of birth is our ultimate goal with birth support whether as a doula, educator, yoga instructor, or any birth professional, isn't it?

Breathwork is not like other tools...but it can help other tools work better

Other tools, like hypnosis and meditation, help some women relax, but not everyone responds to hypnosis or is able to use it effectively if labor is intense, and some people find meditation more frustrating than helpful if they can't calm their racing thoughts.

Building a tool kit of hands-on comfort techniques and a knowledge-base of information about physiologic birth is empowering for families and can help mom cope in labor, but these techniques focus on the physical body, leaving an unprepared family vulnerable in mind and spirit.

Incorporating transformational breathwork into your clients birth preparation helps hypnosis become more effective, meditation becomes accessible to busy minds, and women can integrate information from the thinking mind and embody it into their entire being so they can let go of their thoughts and confidently experience altered states of consciousness trusting birth, their body, and their baby.

This is empowered birth.

It's Time For the Tools of the Birth Professional To Go Deeper & Offer the Level of Preparation Today's Moms Need

When it comes to pregnancy, breathwork has not been recognized for it's powerful benefit beyond basic techniques to manage pain or stress in labor.

Traditional breathwork facilitators usually discourage pregnant women from doing anything more than basic Pranayama, only because they don't understand the physiology of pregnancy.

Pregnancy is still considered by most to be a delicate time, a liability and constant contraindication.

But today, we also see pregnant women breaking all kinds of stereotypes, participating the Olympics and breaking records, and still having healthy pregnancies and babies.

Isn't time we recognized that women are strong and ready for a deeper experience?

And as you offer tools to support the deeper needs of expecting mothers, they will be drawn to your work, talk about your work to their birth team, and refer their friends!

With knowledge and the right techniques, you can stand out with a unique offering for your birth community

I have been teaching breathwork practices to expecting moms for over 15 years, beginning with my training in Chinese medicine and Qi Gong.

Breath has been so profound for my clients that I have since become dual certified as a breathwork facilitator.

Combined with my background in Chinese medicine and holistic midwifery, I have developed a unique approach to breathwork that is safe, effective, and transformational and once you learn, it can help you stand out in your community as a birth professional who can offer a unique, transformational experience unlike any other birth preparation tool.

I hope you will be inspired to explore the world of breath and all the transformation it has to offer body, mind, and spirit for pregnant women all over the world.

Workshop Details

When: On-demand

Where: Online, recording available

Who: Any birth professional who is ready to stand out from the crowd and offer a unique, transformational tool


Hour 1

Introduction to Transformational Breathwork

Safety & proper technique for using breathwork in pregnancy & birth

Preparing your clients for breathwork

Hour 2

Steps to guiding a one-on-one session

Steps to guiding a group session

Basic trauma response & support

Hour 3

Experience a 40-minute guided Stillpoint Transformational Breathwork session


Investment: $97


1 guided Stillpoint Transformational Breathwork session for birth professionals so you can take care of yourself too

2 guided Stillpoint Transformational Breathwork recordings you can use with your clients,royalty free!

1 guided journey script to help you get started right away

By the time you leave this workshop, you will be prepared to:

  • Explain the benefits of transformational breathwork to your clients and other birth professionals so you can encourage referrals

  • Demonstrate the safety of prenatal breathwork when practiced properly so you can be the go to source for prenatal breathwork in your community

  • Guide your clients safely through a Stillpoint Transformational Breathwork session so they can experience altered states of being in a safe practice

  • Offer group Stillpoint Transformational Breathwork sessions, so you can expand your business and impact more moms and babies