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Your Body Wasn't Designed to Tear!

Learn the 3 P's of Physiologic Birth You Must Know to Prevent Trauma in Natural Birth

Don’t spend any more time memorizing labor stages, hormone names, and timing contractions. These may not be the most helpful ways to prep for your birth. Chances are, you've already studied up on these topics and still have tons of questions buzzing in your head.

These questions linger because the source of most information used for birth education, like stages of labor and time intervals, is based on medical models that are intended to inform the medical system’s use of interventions to manage labor, despite the harm inflicted on mothers and the negative impact on mother-baby bonding.

Before birth became a medical procedure, it was viewed as a natural experience, and instead of idealistic charts and graphs, soon-to-be moms were immersed in the wisdom of physiologic birth they learned from each other and the natural world around them.

Today, we can fuse ancient wisdom with modern physiology to blend the best of both worlds and this has been the key to helping my students and clients avoid traumatic birth pain and have fulfilling, natural births.

Before birth became a medical procedure, women were shown physiologic birth instead of charts, graphs, and tables. Today, we have the benefit of merging traditional physiologic birth knowledge with what is useful from research and this has been the key to helping my students and clients avoid tears and traumatic birth injuries to have fulfilling natural births.

If you're considering natural childbirth, incorporating traditional physiologic birth techniques with modern knowledge could provide the answers to your lingering questions.

Take the first step in exploring physiologic birth by signing up for our free introductory class. In just 15 minutes, you'll learn about the three P's of physiologic birth, which can help you avoid traumatic injury during childbirth and provide reassurance that your body is capable of birthing your baby.

If natural birth is calling you, merging traditional physiologic birth with learning modern knowledge may be the answer to your lingering questions.

Begin the journey of seeing physiologic birth with a free class that will introduce you to the 3 P's of physiologic birth that help my students and clients avoid tearing in only 15 minutes so you will know why you can trust your body to give birth.

By the end of this 15-minute video, you will know:

  • The true meaning of physiologic birth and why simply learning about labor stages, hormone lists, and cervical dilation rates is not enough

  • The most common causes of tissue damage during labor and how to use the 3 P's to prevent tears or episiotomies

  • The distinction between being 10 cm dilated and being ready to push

The content in this video will change the way you view childbirth forever