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Beyond the Birth Plan for Homebirth

Leave the templates behind and create a birth plan that is made just for your birth!

Write An Effective Birth Plan Fast!

In less than 2 hours, Beyond the Birth Plan will walk you through exactly how to craft your custom ideal birth approach that gives you clarity and confidence specifically for homebirth.

Even when you've planned a homebirth and hired a midwife who aligns with your beliefs about birth, that midwife has probably recommended that you prepare a birth plan, but what are you supposed to include?

I get asked about birth plans a lot and it causes expecting moms a lot of stress!

I understand your stress! When I was planning my homebirths, I faced this same scenario because, as homebirthing moms, we want to do what our midwives recommend...

...so how do you make a purposeful birth plan when you already chose your midwife specifically because she aligns with your birth beliefs?

Or, maybe your midwife hasn't mentioned it at all and you think you don't need one but, you're not sure because every birth plan you see doesn't fit your birth environment.

If you find yourself with thoughts like:

"I'm creating a birth plan, but only to help my birth partner and midwives."

"I'm making 3 different birth plans - a home birth plan, a transfer plan, and a c-section plan."

"Hold on, why am I making a birth plan if my midwife already allows me to eat and drink, to birth in any position I want, and already supports delayed cord clamping? What do I need this for?"

"Everyone else is making a birth plan, do I need one, too?"

You're in the right place!

Because your birth plan isn't about any of these things...it is not for your midwife or your birth partner, it should be for the most important person in the birth room...YOU!

That's why you need to go Beyond the Birth Plan

What You'll Learn in This Course:

  • Why a template won't support homebirth birth and what you absolutely need to include to keep your homebirth at home.

  • How to effectively craft a birth approach that's not just a list of what you do & don't want, but an organic tool that helps your birth team support you.

  • How to fill your birth approach with confidence boosters for your labor and birth so you draw strength from your birth approach, even if you don't think you need a birth plan.

  • Surprising facts about how modern birth plans are failing homebirth moms that you won't find anywhere else.

  • Plus, a special bonus! Get 2 of my most popular research-based guides to use as you make your birth plan: Vitamin K & Your Newborn, and Delayed Cord Clamping

By the End of This Course, You Will Know:

  • Whether you need to write a birth plan so you don't waste precious time.

  • How having the right birth approach will help you communicate your needs to your birth team so they aren't left guessing how to help you.

  • How most birth plan approaches set unrealistic expectations so you can avoid the most common mistakes.

  • The 4 essential components for a birth approach that works for you without offending your birth team, creating tension in your birth room, or feeling like a failure if your plans have to change.

The Right Birth Approach Can Help You Find Your Confidence & Your Calm!

When you craft your birth approach around the right components, not only will you find the confidence you need, but your birth team will appreciate the format and ease of providing you support.

With your Beyond the Birth Plan birth approach in hand, you can relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy knowing you are prepared for your birth.

Kind Words From Past Students

"I am so glad I came to this class! I've never heard anyone talk about birth plans like this!"


"It's really fun & really personal...and it's so different. It was tailored to who you are and how to take that into your birth. It made me feel so excited because I understood so much more about myself."


Once You Sign Up You Have Instant Access To:

  • Our signature 1-hour, on-demand video course about the 4 essential components of your Ideal Birth Approach so you can get started on your birth approach right away!

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  • Digital copy of the Beyond the Birth Plan Guide

  • ($20 value)

  • Printable Ideal Birth Approach Workbook to help you craft your perfect birth approach in less time!

  • ($17 value)

  • BONUS GUIDES! Vitamin K & The Newborn and Delayed Cord Clamping. These detailed guides will share what you need to know about these controversial areas of newborn care so you know how to decide what's best for your baby in your birth!

  • ($35 value)

  • $147 value for $27!

I Know How Hard it is to Write an Effective Birth Plan

My homebirth plan for my first birth was a complete flop! Since becoming a childbirth educator and a holistic midwifery student, I have placed extra emphasis on helping the moms I work with go beyond birth plans to make effective, strategic birth approaches so they are full of confidence and free of fear, worry or confusion about their birth support needs.

If you're looking for answers to questions like:

  • What should I include in my plan to keep it concise and effective?

  • How do I make sure my birth team reads and understands the importance of my birth plan?

  • Do I even need a birth plan?

Beyond the Birth Plan Course & Guide will walk you through all these questions and more so you don't have to keep downloading templates, looking for advice in Facebook groups or wondering if you have a birth plan that works. After completing the Beyond the Birth Plan course and workbook, you will have peace of mind and confidence in your birth!

Maria's birth was turned completely upside down, but she remained confident and calm every step of the way because she had her Ideal Birth Approach in hand

When expectant parents write a birth plan, it is filled with hope and enthusiasm for a birth that goes according to the plan.

But what happens if that plan has to change due to unforeseen circumstances? This is what happened to one of my past students, Maria.

Maria was able to use her birth approach to transition her whole birth environment, her birth team and her confidence from a home birth to a hospital room and have a natural birth without an epidural, despite having a Pitocin induction.

Like Maria, a new approach to your birth plan will give you the confidence and peace of mind that no matter what happens in your birth, you will know how to get the support you need.

Stop Stressing About Your Birth Plan

Not everything about your birth can be planned or will go how you expect, but you can be prepared to maneuver through any obstacle with the right preparation.

Our unique format using an ideal birth approach will introduce you to a method of communication that will help you communicate with anyone who may be involved in your birth.

Even if you are pregnant with your first baby and feel clueless about what to expect, you are having a VBAC, or if you are expecting your third, fourth or fifth child and you want the best birth experience yet!

Plus, you get the printable guide & workbook so you can easily and quickly write out your perfect birth approach!

Now go ahead, sit back and imagine having this whole birth plan thing off your to-do list... If you like how that feels, it's time for you to go Beyond the Birth Plan!