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Compass Program

Eliminate the Fear of Unknowns and Prepare for a Peaceful, Natural Birth

Physiologic Birth Overview

Welcome to the three P's of physiologic birth that help my students and clients avoid tearing in natural birth. This free video course will share the most important principles of physiologic birth and show you why these are the keys to avoiding birth traumas like tearing, episiotomies, or being led astray during your birth in only 15 minutes

The Sacred Cycles You Need to Know for a More Confident & Intuitive Natural Birth

Download your free guide now to experience homebirth preparation that follows the innate cyclic rhythms of your body for a more confident and intuitive birth.

Walk the Path of the Wise Woman Way

Learn the seven steps of the Wise Woman Way and how you can use them to ensure you are following your intuition in your pregnancy and birth.

Once you know each step, you can craft your plan to use each step if the need arises using the included workbook.

Download your free guide now to experience birth preparation that follows the your innate wisdom for a more confident and intuitive birth.

Prenatal Breathwork Workshop Recording

Watch now to experience deep relaxation, melt away tension, ease your breathing, & connect to your pelvic floor!

In this 90 minute, on-demand recording, you will learn:

~The connection between your diaphragm & pelvic floor and how these portals can help birth

~How to recognize stress and resistance in your body that could disrupt birth

~Ancient breath techniques to calm your nervous system and access your subconscious so you can support your gentle birth

Listen to the Podcast

The Unschooled Homebirth podcast is the homebirth education series where we throw away the conventional birth textbooks and talk about homebirth from the philosophy of nature, life, and deep universal truths.

Listen wherever you get podcasts or click below to stream online.